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Resting in the joy and strength of seeing and being seen!

Isaiah 40 :9-11 
The training and counseling ministry of Kent & Cathy Larson.

2 Corinthians 3:18-19

What is iSight?
(Perceiving Immanuel “God with us” )
We become truly aware that God is good only when we experience that He is always glad to be with us no matter what condition we are in. iSight is having the recognition and awareness that God is good and that He is more than
able and willing to help us.

What is the “Immanuel Approach”? 
This term was created by Charlotte and Karl Lehman, M.D. to describe a counseling prayer method designed to resolve many forms of emotional distress linked to incompletely processed painful experiences, and which expanded into a approach to connecting with God in all of life.  The Immanuel Approach includes
Immanuel Approach prayer interventions (pain processing tools)
Immanuel Approach to life - including “iSight” and interactive connection with God
  • Immanuel Journaling
Immanuel Church & Community
What is the Immanuel Approach to healing prayer?
“Immanuel Prayer starts with recall of positive memories and deliberate appreciation, to prepare our brain-mind-spirit systems for connecting with the Lord; and then establishes a living, interactive connection with Jesus as the foundation for the session. It is organized around turning to Jesus, focusing on Jesus, and engaging directly with Jesus at every point in the session.”— Dr. Karl Lehman

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What is the Immanuel journaling?
Immanuel journaling is a simple method for improving our awareness of God’s presence in both our thoughts and lives. The method has three parts we will explain later:
   1) Interactive gratitude
   2) Thought rhyming with God and
   3) Reading our journal aloud in community (triads)  

Immanuel Journaling is a powerful method we want to teach you to improve your awareness of God’s presence and perspective. Immanuel journaling is a method that can spread! It is intended to become self propagating. The Immanuel journaling process allows individuals and groups to become more aware of God’s presence in their daily lives. Register for our monthly Immanuel Journaling Workshop. 
Training Seminars and Mentoring?
Kent & Cathy offer on-site and online training seminars in:
Immanuel Approach Trauma and Prayer Counseling
I See You!  Immanuel Journaling and  Immanuel Life-style
Maturity Development
RARE Leadership

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