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my artist friends
  1. Lynn Schrader
    Lynn Schrader
    Lynn is a gifted painter with a beautiful heart to hear and see the beauty of the ways God is speaking and invading earth with His creative wisdom and light. Find her work at and at her facebook
  2. Beth Waldner
    Beth Waldner
    Beth is a highly joyful, free and playful artist. She is has a unique gift of hearing the creative voice of God, gathering people to collaborate in co-creation and the joy of color. She uses multiple mediums but is especially skilled at mosaic.
  3. James Shilaimon
    James Shilaimon
  4. Bob White
    Bob White
    Bob is highly skilled in photorealistic pencil and charcoal drawing and painting. He runs an art studio in Costa Mesa CA where he teaches drawing and painting skills.
  1. Hyatt Moore
    Hyatt Moore
  2. Toni Danchik
    Toni Danchik
  3.  Fusce
  4. Kim Frassett
    Kim Frassett
  5. Joe Severson
    Joe Severson